1. To make education a joyful journey for each child.
  2. To provide every child with an opportunity to grow and succeed in an atmosphere of support and understanding.
  3. To value and nurture the individuality of every child.
  4. To encourage imagination, innovation and self improvement.
  5. To develop qualities of integrity, honesty, tolerance, trust and companionship.
  6. To promote a spirit of enquiry and foster a scientific temper.
  7. To enable students to excel in academics and co-curricular activities.
  8. To motivate each child to appreciate and fulfill her/his role as a global citizen.
  9. To help the student to become a meaningful part of the environment.
  10. To instill values that will enable every child to respect and value others and self.
  11. To make parents equal partners in the process of education.

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